Akcakale Tent Camp Visit

Akcakale Tent Camp Visit

The President of Pakistan and Turkey Friendship Foundation Mr. Waqar Badshah, a delegate coming from Pakistan have recently visited Akcakale Tent Camp. They have visited many families in the camp. They have collected pieces of information from the security and families regarding the living conditions and problems that they are facing. They have also discussed with the managers of the camp regarding the security issues of the people in the camp, food support,  education support, and social works. The people in the camp were happy to talk and share their problems with senior people.

How Many People Live in the Camp?

This camp is located in the district of Akcakale/Sanliurfa/Turkey. Those people who are able to skip the Syrian war live in the camp. There are many children, male, female and old people trying to survive in the camp. According to the official statistics, 30 thousand Syrian refugees live in the camp and 36 thousand Syrian refugees live outside of the camp.

What this the Number of all Refugees?

According to official statistics, there are 10 shelters in 10 major cities of Turkey which have 22 tent camps. Mardin and Kahramanmaras have only one tent camp where Syrian and Iraqi refugees live. In total, 233 thousand and 64 refugees live in those tent cities.

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