Arfica Benin Qurban Project

Arfica Benin Qurban Project

We are happy for successfully completing the Benin Qurban prject in Africa. During the organization we have received many donations from our beloved donators. On behalf of our donators we have slaughter the qurbans and sent them back the pictures and videos of the qurban by loudly reading their name.

The sense of Qurban in Africa Benin

We delivered those slaughtered qurban to our brothers and sisters in Africa. We always have the slogan “share with your brothers and sisters”. Also, we would like to thank to our donators. May Allah bless them all.

Visit to the President of Djogou Municipality

The field coordination specialist Mucteba Bektas has visited the president of Djogou Municipality Abraham Akpalla on behalf od Pakistan Turkey Friendship Foundation. During the visit Bektas has introduced the activities of the foundation and talked about future projects.

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