Pakistan Turkey Friendship Foundation – Book Opening Ceremony

Pakistan Turkey Friendship Foundation – Book Opening Ceremony

PTF Foundation, Consulate General of Pakistan Istanbul, and Customs Health Care Society organized the book opening ceremony in Istanbul Zaim  University. This book was written by a Pakistani author, Dr. Asif based on his experiences and feelings while he was in Turkey. Dr. Asif expressed his feelings and memories of the process of writing the book.

The President of PTF Foundation Waqar Badshah has given a welcome speech to the audience and emphasized that the PTF Foundation prioritizes these kind book activities. Consulate General Bilal Khan Pasha also stated that this kind of book activities will contribute to the relationship of Turkey and Pakistan. The Secretary-General of the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW) Ali Kurt also emphasized that the Muslim umma should do more academic and scientific activities in the world.

Vice President of Istanbul Zaim University Prof. Dr. Arif Ersoy concluded that this kind of work is valuable because it contributes to the literatüre. The programme has ended up with the group and photo and Exchange of gifts.

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