When Did Pakistan Gain Its Independence?

When Did Pakistan Gain Its Independence?

When was the Independence Day of Pakistan recognized? When did Pakistan Islamic Republic declare its independence? On which day the Independence Day of Pakistan is celebrated?

Pakistan gained its independence from England on August 14th. The word of Pakistan is formed by the capital letters of these names: Punjabi, Afghan, Kashmir, Sindh, and the suffix of Balochistan. Pakistan means “clean country”.
While India trying to save from the hegemony of England, most of the Muslims in the region came together and tried to start a process of formation in 1947. In these years, the leader of Pakistan was M. Ali Cinnah. Cinnah became the governor general of Pakistan and the country gained its independence on August 14th, 1947.
The transition to the republic took place in 1956. However, after two years the General M. Eyüb Khan made a military coup and seized power.

Who is Muhammad Ali Cinnah?

He is a statesman, the leader of Pakistan Independence movement, and the first president of Pakistan (was born in Karachi in 1879 and passed away in the same region in 1948). He dedicated his life for the independence struggle of Pakistan. He used to believed in the union of Hindu and Muslim people at first, but then disclaimed and led the Muslims only.

How many people live in Pakistan?

According to the official figures, 210 million people live in Pakistan.

The Relationship between Pakistan and Turkey

The Relationship between Pakistan and Turkey has been formed on the basis of close friendship and brotherhood from 1947 in which date Pakistan was established as an independent state.  After the formation process of Pakistan, both developed their relations with high ranked official visits, supported each other during the most difficult times such as natural disasters. This official attitude made an impact at a grassroots level.

Turkey and Pakistan support each other on the international platforms.

Two countries have been having military dealings in the recent times. The tender of four corvettes which Pakistan Sea Forces need has been resulted with Turkey’s victory. The helicopter of “Attack” which was developed for the outrage need of Turkish Armed Forces has been exported. It is stated that a sales contract about 30 helicopter of “Attack” was signed with Pakistan.

Two countries One nation.

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