Will the Historical Relation Between Pakistan and Turkey Transform Into a Strategic Partnership?

Will the Historical Relation between Pakistan and Turkey transform into a Strategic Partnership?

The historical relation between Pakistan and Turkey can transform into a strategic partnership in the following days. The constant support of two brother countries for each other and close tie  between their people will strengthen their strategic partnership. As PTF Foundation we are ready to take responsibility in order to make this bond more powerful.

A Strong Bond from the Past

In Prof. Naeem Qureshi’s book “Ottoman Turkey, Ataturk, and Muslim South Asia: Perspectives, Perceptions and Responses” it is written about the support of the prominent members of Indian Muslim Community during the establishment process of Turkish Republic. Atatürk Research Center and Turkish Government quoted from the book of Prof. Naeem Qureshi in order to emphasize Muhammad Ali Cinnah’s and Muhammad İqbal’s support for Turkish nationalism.

Unshaken Relations

There is an unshaken relation between Pakistan and Turkey despite external powers’ pressure. The warm relations between Ankara and İslambad have never been shaken.

The previous Prime Minister Nawaz Şerif often expresses his admiration for the governance model of Turkey, and he has defended that Pakistan needs to take the current Turkish leadership as an example.

Moreover, The President Erdoğan repeated that Turkey wants to see a powerful Pakistan. Whether democratic or military they are, the leaders of Pakistan have been always consistent to express their tendencies towards Turkish model.

The President Erdoğan indicates that the relationship between two countries will be more powerful while congratulating İmran Khan.

Source: TRT World

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